INSECT ARK solo - Europe 2021

INSECT ARK solo - Europe 2021

Band(s): Insect Ark with Sum Of R

Agent: Pierre

Period: 23 Sep 2021 - 31 Dec 2021

Insect Ark (solo) will be performing Fall 2021 in support of Future Fossils. Live, Schechter’s take on horror-avant-noise will challenge your perception of what a
“one-woman show” can be, leading audiences through her twisted aural visions in total abandon. An avid multi-instrumentalist, she weaves pulsing, seething walls
of sound; from the tiniest filament of a whisper, to utter doom-laden chaos, the rawness and beauty that’s brought critical acclaim for Schechter’s music is reborn for
stage via layers of lap steel guitar, bass, and synths, all manipulated in real-time with her mastery of analog live-looping techniques and effects work.

Date Country City Venue
25-09-2021 Czechia Tabor Hatumoa Tattoo Studio
26-09-2021 Czechia Vernéřovice Soulkostel
27-09-2021 Czechia Prague Underdogs
29-09-2021 Belgium Brussels Café Central
30-09-2021 France Lille La Malterie
01-10-2021 Belgium Ghent Consouling Sounds Deep Listening
23-10-2021 Germany Berlin Borsig Amp Fest
29-10-2021 Austria Vienna Volkstheater